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Declining Court Caseloads Part 2 Drop in Serious Case Filings

by Dixon Law Office

We continue our series on Illinois’ declining court caseloads with a look at a decrease in “serious filings.” Societal and other changes have resulted in civil court caseloads declining 25% from 2010 to 2014, according to a recent article in the Illinois Bar Journal. A drop in serious filings, also called law division filings, has played a role in this decline.

Law division filings are cases valued over $50,000 and are considered the most serious cases. The number of these cases in Illinois dropped from 280,442 in 2010 to 187,323 in 2014. One reason may be non-contract claims have declined. Also, according to the Illinois Trial Lawyers’ Association, medical malpractice lawsuits in Illinois are down 43% since 2003.

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