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Pharmacy Errors Can Kill

by Dixon Law Office

We all trust thapharmacy errorst when our doctor orders a medication it will make us well.  But more often than you think, the doctor orders the right prescription and the pharmacy gets it wrong.  As a recent case highlighted, these errors can kill.

Pharmacy errors can happen in several ways.  The simplest “ and the most deadly “ is the wrong medication is put in the bottle.  For example, a sedative like valium can be placed in a bottle this is supposed to have a heart medication.  This can kill the loved one.

Another common error is labeling.  The bottle can sometimes have the wrong dosage or improperly list how often it is to be taken.

Also dangerous is the failure of the pharmacy to place the medications in the right bottle.  For example, Patient 1 is supposed to get a medication and that medication is put into a bottle for Patient 2.  This kind of an error can kill two people.

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