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by Dixon Law Office

This past Monday, a strong thunderstorm rolled through the Chicago area leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. Hundreds-of-thousands of people were left without electricity, telephone, or cable television. We at Dixon Law Office were not spared from the damage. Electricity and our internet connection were severed for two days. Because of advanced planning, we had a back-up generator that kept the phones and computers running. Still, the storm reminded us of how much of a disruption to our normal lives a storm like this can cause.

During that time, we were reminded that what brings clients to our door is a storm of a different type. For nearly all our clients, they did nothing to cause the trauma in their life. They were victims of another person's poor choices. Our clients walked out their doors that day thinking it was just another day. For most of them, that day ended with pain and trauma. Sadly for many others, they never came home again.

When speaking with our clients, they often express how they feel powerless. If they had the power to stop the pain, they would. If they had the power to bring back that amputated limb, they would. If they had the power to turn back time, they would. If they had power to alter the course of that car or change that doctor’s actions, they would. But they are powerless.

One of the greatest privileges we have at Dixon Law Office is to help those powerless people. While we cannot stop the pain, regrow a limb, turn back time, or change that doctor’s actions, we can hold those who do wrong accountable. The system is not perfect. But when we can look at our client and say we have held the wrongdoer responsible, we know we have given power to the powerless.

If you or a loved one has been left powerless because of the wrongs of another, call us at Dixon Law Office. We can help give power back to the powerless.

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