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Think Twice About These Routine Medical Tests Part 3 PSA to Screen for Prostate Cancer

by Dixon Law Office

We continue our series on 10 Medical Tests to Avoid with a look at PSA screens for prostate cancer. According to this AARP article, doctors are warning that some routine medical tests may do more harm than good as well as waste billions of dollars in health care costs annually. Overuse of some tests can lead to dangerous side effects, pain, radiation exposure, unnecessary surgery and even death.

PSA to Screen for Prostate Cancer – The PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test often finds slow-growing cancers that won’t kill men. Experts say that in a man with usual risk and no symptoms, the PSA test causes more harm than good. About 75 percent of tests that show high PSA levels turn out to be false alarms. As a result of the test, men often have ultrasounds, repeat lab tests and even biopsies for a non-existent problem. Surgery or radiation from these treatments can cause impotence, incontinence or both.

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