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What is Malpractice?

by Dixon Law Office

medmalSome of the legal terms encountered in personal injury cases can be confusing, unusual or misunderstood. In today's post, we discuss malpractice.

The word "malpractice" is tossed around a lot these days.  People complain that malpractice happened.  Legislators say there is a malpractice crisis.  But most don't even know what malpractice is.

"Malpractice" is defined as "negligence, misconduct, lack of ordinary skill, or a breach of duty in the performance of a professional service (as in medicine) resulting in injury or loss."  Not much help is it?

In basic terms, malpractice is the doing of something wrong by a professional.  It can also be the failure of a professional to do something right.  For example, a doctor who performs an appendectomy and damages a nerve during the surgery likely committed medical malpractice.  According to researchers, medical malpractice is the third leading cause of preventable death in the United States so it is a serious problem.

But malpractice is not limited to doctors.  A lawyer who fails to file a law suit before a statute of limitation may be guilty of legal malpractice.  An architect who draws plans wrong can be guilty of architectural malpractice.  An investment banker who steals your money is likely guilty of banking malpractice.

If you are concerned you or your loved one has been the victim of a wrong by a professional, you need to consult an outstanding lawyer.  Only the best can take on a professional who did something wrong.  At Dixon Law Office, our lawyers are the best.  We can review any malpractice case and tell you what went wrong.  Call 888-354-9880 and speak with one of the staff at Dixon Law Office today.  You can also click on this link for a free review of your case.  Call or click today.

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